Current Projects

In the time since the formation of the Friends in 2009 with its stated aims, our brief has expanded slightly to include projects that benefit any user of the Abbey and its facilities.  To date we have contributed almost £80,000 to Abbey finances through 72 projects as follows.

Type of Benefit Number of Projects Expenditure
Visitor Information 16 £9,000
Enhancing the Abbey Experience 10 £18,300
Information Technology 10 £7,500
Parish Facilities & Support 7.5 £11,100
Children & Youth Work 7 £19,300
Event Equipment & Support 7 £8,300
Education 6.5 £3,000
Boosting Visitor Income 4 £2,500
Signage 4 £0,900
Totals 72 £79,900


The investment in information technology proved extremely useful during the Covid19 pandemic for enabling parishioners to keep in touch with services.

Recently completed projects include:

  • Provision of the Church Desk church management system for running the parish more efficiently
  • Provision of Good Box equipment to enable donations to be made by card and
  • Provision of secure traditional offertory boxes to complement the Good Boxes

Currently active projects include:

  • Provision of new external notice boards to welcome and inform visitors and display parish notices
  • Overcoming the causes of deterioration in the memorial to Alice Taylor and
  • Improving how the mediaeval embroidered cloth in St George’s Chapel is displayed

Additionally, we have annual commitments to support:

  • The Ethelflaeda Festival
  • The Children’s and Families Worker
  • Related children’s activities and
  • Tourist QR code charges

We are actively seeking a substantial “flagship” project to support.

Mike Prince, September 2022